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We empower you and your child. with the most effective ways to teach your child. We believe all children are creative learning geniuses and with the rights tools can change the world.

We search the world looking for the best ways to help you give your child the head start in life they need, we're parents too and we're passionate about helping all kids be all they can be..
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Moms Best Award

"My one and a half year old son was interested in learning the lessons because they were personalised he loved seeing mom, dad, sister and himself!"

Dr Toy Top 10 Award

"Dr. Toy effectively, consistently and carefully selects the most developmentally appropriate products for this international and highly valued award program"

TillyWig Toy Award

"Little Reader is easy to work with, a real boon to parents wanting to give their young children a very early head start on reading."

Creative Child Media Award

"Like thousands of other parents all over the world, your initial impression may be one of skepticism. But what many don’t realize is to teach their baby reading successfully is not only possible, it is highly likelyf!"

Can Babies Learn To Read?

They can and they love too! With the multi award winning little reader, give your child a gift they'll use for the rest of their life.

What's 11 + 8? Your Baby Knows!

Little Math is the most effective learning system for teaching your child mathematics. At the heart of Little Math is a revolutionary software system that delivers lessons in ways never before possible, making learning ENGAGING for your child and teaching EASY for you.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We're so convinced the Brill Kids products are awesome, that we guarantee your child will learn the basics of English or Maths after completing the 12-month curriculum, or we'll give you your money back!.

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Join our thriving community of like minded parents from around the world, free flash cards, free learning resources and much much more.